Wednesday, 3 October 2012

The Great Acting Blog: "The Performance In Your Head Doesn't Count"

Will It Stop Raining In Summer is now complete



It's always a surprise when I first see my own performance on screen, because I had the image in my mind of what I thought it was, and then, upon seeing the film, I see what the performance actually is. That is not to say that the actual performance is any better or worse than my imagined performance, it's just that it's different. When I first work on the script, of course I am trying to work-out what is happening in the scene and therefore how I might play it, certainly I will give myself some creative choices, raw materials, something to aim at. So, I have this sense in my mind of what the performance might be, and this sense is hard to shake off. When first seeing the actual performance on the screen then, there is a feeling of shock, because it does not conform to this imaginary performance. Of course, the imaginary performance is bunkum, the only performance that actually exists, is the one on the screen. 

Anyway, the film is now complete and I am delighted to be sharing it with you here. It's a strange, ironic thriller, about Roger and Beryl, whose illicit love affair is ruined by Beryl's amiable husband, Maurice, who, oblivious to his wife's affair, co-incidentally turns up whenever the lovers meet. 

Our next film is shaping up to be a mysterious, film-noir-thriller, about a writer who receives an unusual proposition from somebody who claims to have been his school friend, but of whom the writer has no recollection. I will be posting updates on that here.

I hope you enjoy the film. James.



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