Tuesday, 30 October 2012

A Screening Of "HE", + Q & A

I will be attending a screening of HE, at “the Guesthouse” in Cork, on November 4th 2012. Rouzbeh Rashidi & I  will introduce the film and do a Q&A afterwards. 

"the latest work in the on-going collaboration between Rouzbeh Rashidi and actor James Devereaux, is a troubling and mysterious portrait of a suicidal man. Rashidi juxtaposes the lead character’s apparently revealing monologues with scenes and images that layer the film with ambiguity. Its deliberate, hypnotic pace and boldly experimental structure result in an unusual and challenging view of its unsettling subject. Driven by a tour-de-force performance by Devereaux,HE represents one of the most developed examples to date of Rashidi’s use of improvised performance. Combined with the director’s oneiric imagery and a specially recorded soundscape by Mick O’Shea and Emil Nerstrand, the resulting film is as haunting as it is uncompromising."

Full info here

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