Monday, 20 August 2012

Drifting Clouds Cinema Blog: "Nuts4R2's 500th Blog Post - Celluloid Mistress"

We at Driftingng Clouds congratulate Nuts4R2 on his 500th post. A wonderful achievement by a dedicated cinephile and film writer, who delights us with the diverse range of films he selects for review. We urge all film lovers to check out the Nuts4R2 site here




My 500th Blog Post


Celluloid Mistress

Been doing this blog for just under two and a half years. Thought I'd give you all a quick peak into my brain for my 500th Blog Post. It's a pen and ink drawing done on a layout pad and then scanned into photoshop for colouring. Click the image to "embiggen." ;-)

Hope you like and thanks to all and any readers who stop by... I really appreciate it.


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